Other Activities

Yes, we know our roots in tech­ni­cal papers and films. – But, as many fri­ends from all over the world had a incre­asing demand for spe­cia­li­sed pro­ducts, for glo­bal sourcing, for cos­me­tics, for logi­stic and sup­p­ly solu­ti­ons, we lis­ten­ed to their enqui­ries and found the sui­ta­ble solu­ti­ons, from Euro­pe, from India and many other areas.

We see the world as a net­work of dif­fe­rent strengths and we help dif­fe­rent parts of the world to get con­nec­ted. Engi­neers from dif­fe­rent tra­di­ti­ons of edu­ca­ti­on use Matai as an inter­face to get what they requi­re from all over the world.

Two spe­cia­li­sed divi­si­ons have been established:

  1. Matai – The Engi­nee­ring Com­pa­ny and
  2. Matai – The Beau­ty Com­pa­ny.